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How do you feel about the impending approval of AquaAdvantage Salmon?

The U.S. government just got closer to approving the world's first genetically engineered animal - a fast growing salmon called AquaAdvantage.  

Here is the article I just read about the latest on this in the NY Times -

I'd love to know what this community thinks about this, especially since we are so tied to the growing of our own food and our own fish,  Personally I'm deeply suspicious of claims of "safety" when it comes to our current inventory of genetically engineered food products, from both their potential impact on human health and their impact on the environment.  Given this, when I read this article and it claims that there will be no impact on the nutritional value or safety of the AquaAdvantage salmon nor any environmental impact, alarm bells are going off in my head.  

Anyone else having that reaction?  

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well said

Anybody seen "Genetic Roulette" by Jeffrey Smith? Its based on a book he wrote a while back, but the dvd was released recently. Its a good documentary for anybody who has doubts about whether genetically modified foods are okay or not. It barely touches on the political side of GMO's, but it focuses on the health problems they cause.

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