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I think I may have root rot (pythium) in my system effecting most plants in the DWC. System is a combo of media bed and DWC and flood and drain tables for seedlings. 100gal FT, media bed is only 6 sq ft.

Raft system is only 26 sq ft. This is a mini test system, running great for 6 months now having root issues. Air temps 60 night/92 day (max), water temps 64-71F. Goldfish and catfish. pH 7.0-7.4, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates within range. I think it is heat related. 

I have wanted to add 'Hydroguard' by Botanicare with the bacteria strain-Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens. It has good results in standard hydroponics regarding pythium. 

I understand this is an aggressive strain and don't want to kill off my nitrate/nitrite bacteria from competition.  

Does anyone have suggestions on products or techniques to help with root rot? Has anyone used any other beneficial bacteria strains that are safe in an AP system to combat this problem?  

Any suggestions much appreciated. 

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added root photo


Thanks  Randall, No I probably don't have enough media bed, but I do have a 40 gal Radial Flow Filter. I'm sure I need to clean out some solids but a do have great water clarity, and low stocking density. It is not the optimum setup but all I could cram into a 12foot by 6foot space. Think I'll clean it out, use some mechanical filtration swap out plant varieties and hope for the best. 

Any more ideas are still appreciated. 

Hi mark,

I had a similar problem with build-up of solids in my system after running for two years. Between growing cycles this spring I washed all the hydroton in the grow beds. It removed all the left over roots and sludge that was building up. Then I used a small swimming pool pump for about three days to filter all the solids from the water. The pH went from 6.4 to about 7.0 and has remained functional since. I figure that's not too much work for eight crops.


Frank, I put red wiggler worms in my media beds and they keep everything broken down and also take care of old roots. I also place a small bed of polyfiber stuffing under the drain into the beds to remove extra solids that my radial filter misses.


Hey Mark, good solids filtration is a must. In addition, try to introduce red wiggler worms to the system and maybe try a product called Great White, we initially put 500 worms into our 70 gallon grow bed, a recent clean out after 18 months showed only super white roots and at least 300 worms still at work. Great White contains mychorrizial fungi and other beneficials for defeating pythium ...root problems. hope this helps. db

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