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Which plants are still considered "difficult" or "impossible" to grow in aquaponics?  I have begun a process of trying to design a system that can grow as many different varieites of crop possible.  Only a few years ago, pundits declared aquaponics "only suited to growing leafy greens".  That has been proven incorrect over and over, but is there any plant people still consider as being impossible to grow in aquaponics?

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That's a good idea. I'll test the system I have now at the growtub after a fill and then at the sump, although I don't expect a big pH difference. I love blueberries so I hope some strategies can be sorted out.

TCLynx said:

Michael, can you tell any difference in the pH in the different locations?

We can do sage pretty well!

jon and cat billings said:



Cilantro can be hard because it tends to grow at such low densities.  It really likes bunch plantings.  We use open face towers now with about 60 plants in a 3' tower to get a nice, lush tower- still only yields a pound or two, but that's just cilantro.  Sage does fine for us, but we're not doing raft.  They need lots of O2 or they rot.  I think they can be hard to do in raft systems, but media systems should grow it.

Pineapples grow very well in an aquaponic system. Just look at these pics!


try growing non food plants, like jasmine, lavander, rosemary etc or like a purely wild plant that needs like a 100 foot long taproot or something.

artimesia tridentata or any other artimesia sp.

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