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Any recommendations for pumps that will lift 6 - 8 feet at very moderate flow rates (even 30 gal/hour would be fine)? I'm looking for something for a vertical setup. The little fountain pumps at Home Depot are fine up to about 4' lift, I'd like more than that without necessarily going to higher flow. Thanks!

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I use a Danner MD18 for my whole system. My head is 7 ft.
See the posting.
Perfect! Thank you.
I partial to the Quiet One pumps that will also handle that kind of head and there are a variety of models so you could chose one that would provide an appropriate flow at the head you desire.
I am currently using a 12 V bilge pump from Walmart called an Atwood. It pumps up 8 feet. draws 24 watts of power, I am running it off solar now. I have had good reviews from others with this brand.

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