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I just wanted to take a little time to say hi. I am new to aquaponics and am starting my first system. I have picked up a 275 gallon water tote that i cut to use as my fish tank and grow bed. I am going to use the bell siphon system with a constant flow pump. I am setting up this system in my garage for now.
I live in albuquerque new mexico and i will be looking for some local tilapia fingerlings soon if anybody knows of a good place. I am also looking for a good/cheap way to keep my tank warm if anybody has some good ideas.
Thanks Coty

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Welcome! Can't help as far as the tilapia are concerned, I'm too far north. All I can contribute is the advice to be patient. It takes time for all the pieces to fall into place. I think you will get a great deal of satisfaction out of your project, if you see it through.


Hi Coty,

For heating you can look here

For tilapia you can try here

They are all in the forum section at the top of the main page, or you can use the search bar there as well.

Cool! Thanks for your help

Hi Coty,

You can also join groups(tab at the top of the main page) that can help you with your particular type of AP goals.

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