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Can anyone help identify what these are? 

The first pic is of a cauliflower leaf with larvae or something on the underside of the leaf.  This looked like the only leaf that had anything wrong with it (a single cauliflower with 5 or 6 leaves).  Yesterday I noticed little black ant looking things and washed them all off.  Today I found these boogers.  I plucked the leaf off and burned it.


The second and third pic are of a jalapeno leaf.  What are the small ant looking things?  And I also notice some eggs or something (pic 3).  I scrapped all of them off...and the eggs aren't on any other leaf (yet).  The little black ant looking things are on other leaves but not many...since I've been killing them.  But they are fast little things.



So what are the ant-looking bugs and what are the larvae things?

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Ants farming aphids. I'm having the same problem on my young apple tree. The ants are bringing the aphids to the plant and farming the aphid excretions. Treat for ants around your grow bed to get rid of the source of the aphids.

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