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This is a really good guide.  It isnt perfect, it's an alternative design, I used it on my aquaponic system and it hasnt stopped working since i set it up a month ago.

The PDF is attached.

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By the way, you can post pictures directly into your posts using the image button which is right next to the link button at the top of the post box.

Like this

lol thanks for the tip

This is good Sean, thank you for uploading this.  The PDF format is nice because google can translate it into other languages making it more accessible.

It is a slight shame that the guide doesn't mention using a downsizer which often helps with the siphons  (I am not sure if downsizer is the right term in the US..... so picture here).  Many aquaponicers use this design from affnan as it seems to improve reliability and tolerates a wider variety of flow rates.

Reducing coupler is the term you are looking for and that is Affnan's modification to the siphon.

Thanks you TCL.  They use different (and often obscure) terms in Japan.  By the way... I saw you on Treehugger... excellent work!

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