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The Growzay’s Hydroponic & Aquaponic System utilizes a top feed flood and drain nutrient delivery system (via submersible pump),  which is gravity drained into a 100 gal FT reservoir. With this system, there is no need for a siphon of any type. The growbed is comprised of individual growing trays which makes it very easy and accessible for crop rotation for perpetual harvests, This system not only has plenty of room in each of its individual modular grow trays for initial explosive root growth in the early stages of plant life, but the (secret) is the roots grow in the hydroton filled  trays and form a thick mat of roots providing the plants stability and a great foundation to grow in. Then, the roots grow out of the bottoms of the trays and stretch underneath the grow bed hidden along the length of the table, which supports a secondary area for root growth by way of Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). The roots literally grow down into the reservior!  The Growzay's Aquaponics system is a very practical and unique hydroponic (hybrid) design. It is Media based and NFT". This is the ideal solution for the backyard gardener . It can also be utilized in small commercial settings. Two 4x8 tables can be looped to one 100 gallon fish tank. The length of the growbeds can be extended as long as you want providing you have large enough fish tanks/reserviors. This high production system design has proven reliablilty, very user friendly and is simple to assemble.  Please visit my website for more information regarding this award winning one-of-a-kind Hydroponic/Aquaponic System.



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