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Has anyone used the Future Growing LLC growing towers in a aquaponics application?   I am putting together a commercial aquaponics greenhouse and would like to use this tower system.

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Cool, would love to see pictures as well with those details.

Do you have any contact info for Future Growing, LLC ? I've been trying to contact them for many weeks. All I could find was a mailing address that I'm not sure is even correct.
Mitchell Lowell said:

Good morning TC, I was able to contact Sky Gardens this morning and spoke with a very nice gentleman by the name of Ed McMullen.  He provided with with an email address to the owner of Future Growing LLC, and told me that the commercial towers are custom made.  This is why I have not been able to locate them with the exception of the smaller areoponics models which Sky Gardens does sell, FYI.  I thank you, and the others that have put effort into getting this information for me.  As soon as I know more about the products and application I will post what I find out on the forum.

TCLynx said:

I don't know if Skygardens (the place on the rooftop doing aquaponics in Winter Garden sells equipment.)  The towers they use I believe can be gotten from Aquatic Eco Systems though if you are going that way.


I like the zipgrow towers since they are filtration as well as plant space.  Those other towers are going to require some good filtration before sending the water to them.

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