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Can I grow Tilapia for just the warm months and then change to Goldfish for the cold months?

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Sure, if you don't mind harvesting your fish a little early. Make sure you use good quality goldfish so there's little risk of disease.

start with the fish a little bigger and they'll be plenty big enought to eat in 9 months

that is, start with 3-4, even 5" fish instead of 1"

If you can grow your fry in an aquarium during the winter months then you can put them in a larger tank when weather permits for grow out. That should give you a full year. I'm contemplating putting about 300 2 month old fry in an IBC full of duckweed to see how they and the duckweed get along. Be interesting to see how long the duckweed last and how fast the fish grow. grow

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