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Well, not exactly.  I saw an article online somewhere about people continuing to grow celery from the "stumps" of cut stalks.  Naturally, I took the idea and applied it to AP...

From Aquaponics in the Florida Keys

From Aquaponics in the Florida Keys
From Aquaponics in the Florida Keys

The growth rate is incredible.  These have been in the system for about 3 days.  After I saw the results, I thought that it might work for any vegetable with a "head".  Enter romaine...

From Aquaponics in the Florida Keys

The only thing so far is that the outside layers will rot quickly if they get too wet.  Im stoked at the idea of salvaging these plants that are otherwise discarded.  Anyone tried anything like this?


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My lettuce was a fail, but so far the celery is growing.

         Jennifer Dozar wrote:   "I have some spinach in some growing pots right now, will spinach do something similar to the infinite salad idea?"

        Gosh Jennifer,  I honestly never heard of anyone trying to propagate spinach using cuttings or crowns of existing plants.  I have no idea if that would work or not.   If you've got a plant or two you could experiment with why don't you try it and let us know what happens?

        This has certainly been an interesting thread.

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