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I'm re-posting and re-naming this thread since it fell off the list.

Nothing has changed.

We are still planning a Group Hug - invitation only AZ AP group members sequential visit. 

Ask and you will be invited!

On Cinco de Mayo (5/5/2013) our tour starts around 11 AM in Scottsdale with 2 systems, then out to Gilbert for a mature green house system, then over to Baseline and Central for two more systems.  Then north up I-17 to the  Loop101 to the "hoop house" system and back down to the north side of Camelhead via Sunny slope for two more systems and a BBQ at David's luxury digs.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

David & Jim 

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We would love to go!

So...what happened to the original thread?
We'll provide 6 pounds of home-grown, grass fed hamburger meat for the BBQ.


Its still there but not shown anymore, too much newbie, mushrooms and moving fish. You cant be serious with that much burger meat, all I gotta say is WOW, you guys are the best!

@ Sheri:

You have to hit "view all" to find it now.  So I just bumped it up a rung...

Thanks. I scrolled through, but didn't see it. Sometimes I don't see my hands before my face, either. ;)

So...we need a general idea of how many are coming and we need other things to go with the meat, like buns, condiments, side dishes, drinks and paper goods.  Anything else?

@ Sheri

Cerveza fria por favor!   It is Cinco de Mayo after all...

I'm bringing 'tater salad too!

Si, cerveza tambien! Es muy importante!  :)

Important beer, I get some! 

Jim is bringin some tater salad and Matt wants to throw in some weiners.

I think this will happen, finally!

I am very interested in attending.  Any idea about how long this will run?  I typically have to work but I am trying to get someone to cover me so I can attend this.  

Total newbie here....thanks for the invite.   

This is a re-post from the last thread so it is in one place:

These are the original systems offered and the order we figured would work best:

(if you are not on here and want to be please send me a message)

  [system # / start time / cross streets / distance & traveling time from last sys]  (thanks Google maps)

  1. Start at my system (Jim Troyer) in Scottsdale - Pima Freeway (101) & Chaparral Exit - 11:00
  2. Matt  - Scottsdale - Pima Freeway & Chaparral Exit  - 11:45  (0.5 miles - 3 min.)
  3. Sheri and Bob's in Gilbert  - 12:45  - Greenfield Rd and Superstition Freeway (US 60) (17 miles - 19 min.)
  4. Stephanie - 1:45   16th St and Baseline Rd (18 miles - 21 min.)
  5. Dr. Brooks - 2:45  Central and Baseline Rd (1.5 miles - 5 min.)
  6. John Malone - 3:45  7th Ave and Union Hills Rd (24 miles - 32 min.)
  7. Robert Rowe - 4:45 Cave Creek and Peoria Ave (6.4 miles - 12 min.)
  8. David for the BBQ!  - 5:45  Tatum and Lincoln  (32nd St and Glendale Ave)  (9 miles - 16 min.)

If this is not

good for you,

please let me

know!  Either

here or on a

private message.

You are important

to us!  We want

YOU to be happy

and to participate. 

thank you very

much for your



Hi jim
Thank you for your "friend" invitation a few days ago.
I just looked at the tour for the first time and would like to participate.
It sounds really interesting to see so many systems and meet other fellows.
I am going to put a few pictures of our system on my profile.
Looking forward to hear from you.


Based on what I have read from our two discussions the list below is the people that want to go. Please let me know if I have missed any life partners or friends that want to go. It sounds like we have the food plan done, its time to finalize things.

Cinco de Mayo Tour people’s list                                                                   4-14-13



Jim Troyer

Matt Maskinnis

Bob and Sheri Schmeckpeper

Stephanie B. and her partner

Dr. George Brooks

John Malone

Robert Rowe

David Schwinghamer

Paul Holdeman


Manfred Steibli


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