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I have seen two main types of greenhouse film on farm tek's web site. Sun Master greenhouse film and the 5.2 and 7.2 oz woven fabrics.  Does anyone have any comment as to which may have better characteristics or is more convenient to use?  Thanks

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Britt are you talking about the shade cloth fabric or something else. The heavier cloth will be more durable. I use a 30 percent shade in Nev and like it . I get the cooling effect and fruiting crops still ripen. I would lean towards the silver or white next time though.
It looks like a greenhouse film (unsure if woven) but has 8% shade is used for original covering and then the shade cloths would be incorporated for us in summer.  I guess we need a little more education.  We have a green house with polycarbonate panels for the fish and media beds and are a extending with a cold frame/hoop house for new rafts we are building.  We are in NC so cold in winter and hot in summer so looking for realistic ideas that we can utilize both seasons for the basic covering as we can roll up sides in summer and add some shade cloth if needed for cooling.  Hope this makes sense as I feel a little confused myself.  Thanks David.
From all I have learned, your hoop house needs to be heated, so you will need to do a double polyethylene covering like shown here This lets throught 87% light, blocks UV and has very good energy efficiency.

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