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Hi everyone :)


My first aquaponics set is ready to go, its time to add the fish i have a 200 gallon FT sitting under my 75 gallon GB.


iv been doing some reading and searching in google trying to understand which fish is worth growing for profit.


from the amount i did read, it seems as though fish and profit are very far from each other LOL,unless you have like alot of big tanks and spend lots of money,and it takes years to even get that profit back.


but i read those in just fish keeping website they were not doing aquaponics, alot of profit is made back in aqauponics with the plants and fish kind of becomes like a little profit on the side.


I do plant to go REALLY big with gaint fish tanks and much more, but till then i only have a 200 gallon FT , and just wondering what type of fish is wroth keepining in there.


I dont mind if its for eating, or just selling :). but looking for a fish thats easy to keep at first, and where i dont have to spend so much money on fish food :p.



also has anyone ever tried keeping sturgeons in aquaponics sets?

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Profit - Koi all day long.  They are fairly easy to keep, and can reap hundreds of dollars once they are larger if they are high quality and have good markings.  Plus you don't have to worry about processing,  which is a pain and highly regulated.

Sturgeon - funny, I just talked to an aquaculture guy about this yesterday.  He said they are wonderful, fun, friendly fish to keep in an AP system...but if you are thinking about caviar that doesn't happen until they are quite huge and very old.

How big is his FT that he is keeping the sturgeon in.


I read you need atleast like a 1000gallon tank to keep sturgeon or else its just wayyy to hard.


is it possible to keep to a certain size and just keep rotation them, if so i guess i can get a few sturgeon let them grow just a  to like a few pounds then sell them and keep getting new ones.


but that just sounds like so much work lol.



Thanks so much for the info i am going to look into koi and what i can do with that thanks alot :))).

Any small tropical fish that are in high demand for example:

LongFin White Cloud

Sailfin Molly

Zebra Plecostomus

do people really pay 500$ for such a small fish, i mean that person probably sells one of those a year if hes lucky, but i can be wrong. iv never been in the fish business .


I just might have to go to local pet stores and see what the demand is for the fish they have there and try to breed those.


after seeing the sturgeon at Epcot, I would say starting with a 1000 gallon tank for sturgeon would be about appropriate even if you were only growing them part way out.


If you want to eat what ever fish you start with, probably bluegill or some smaller type of catfish (brown bullhead perhaps)


Koi if you are wanting pretty fish to sell (I suppose you could eat the culls that are not pretty enough to bring a profit.)


Or follow Chi's advice.

the price of an item is what ever they will pay


i found a local koi farm he said he has thousands of koi, so im going to go check it out tomorrow and  ill even learn a few things :).


he said the fingerlings are 15$ each bout 3-4 inches, does that sound right? thats not bad there is some good profit there, if the demand is high, i guess i will find out :).


Thanks for all the help.




Well you would be competing directly with him.  Shipping a 5 lb Koi is a lil harder than shipping a few small fish.

Danny Daniel said:

i found a local koi farm he said he has thousands of koi, so im going to go check it out tomorrow and  ill even learn a few things.


he said the fingerlings are 15$ each bout 3-4 inches, does that sound right? thats not bad there is some good profit there, if the demand is high, i guess i will find out.


Thanks for all the help.




Do some research, perhaps find a few Koi pond and Koi growing forums to join if you want to learn about coloring and markings and what will bring the best profit.

If you are looking for pet fish to sell as other people have suggested that is something i can actually help you out with!


Sylvia is by far right about the koi, the other great thing about them is that they are like gold fish and don’t require warm water but will do ok in it as long as your DO is high enough


With smaller or larger tanks you can get something like Swordtails, guppies, or platies. I suggest these because the right strain can go for $5-$100+ per pair to the right people. They are also extremely easy to breed-they are called livebearers which means they give birth to live young and have a much higher survival rate than egg laying fish. Females have from 15-60+ fry per month in my experience, numbers that people give always vary. These are generally better than the mollies which are considered the lower end livebearers and won’t always sell very well. But like the sailfin mollies sailfin swordtails or platies are much more expensive. 


When it comes to aquarium fish it is best to make a larger initial investment, cheap strains will only get cheaper. The good news is the purchase of a single pair can get you an entire colony going quickly. If you are interested or even still reading this check out It is a sort of ebay for fish. Look under the “guppies” or “Domesticated” sections to see the livebearers people are currently selling and just how much they are selling for. Unless you want to ship your fish you may want to contact a local fish or pet store to see if they would make a deal with you. Ask them what kind of fish they would be interested in long term. They might not pay as much for them but they might would give you a few $s per fish which adds up fast if you have more than about 30g. Craigslist would also work for selling some but you may get stuck with them.

If you are actually looking into some aquarium fish let me know and i can help you out, not worth doing more typing if you don’t even read this =)


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