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where do you find your fish?  thoughts on who has been great and who should be avoided?  thoughts on cross-state-bourder shipping

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I just received an e-mail for Blackwater Creek Koi Farms December Retail Special. I am not in the market for any Koi but one of you may be so I will share. Please note that I have no commercial interest in Blackwater Creek Koi Farms and nor am I advertising for them...if it helps an AQ member...great :-)


Retail Special


Here are pictures of what we have for special this week. 

These are pictures of actual boxes of fish.  They are $250/box plus freight and packaging fee.  These are deeply discounted, an 80% savings!  Normal retail for these boxes on average are $1262.  All boxes are on a first come, first serve basis. 

Freight examples; (NY, PA, NJ- $59.46), (CA, WA, OR, UT- $66.86)*

*Freight may vary depending on your zip code   

Fish will ship on Wednesday the 15th for Thursday arrival via FedEx Overnight.

Please call in your order as these will go fast and reference which box number/s you want to order.



Box 1B



Box 2B



Box 3B



Box 4B



Box 5B



Box 6B











For More Information Contact Us Today!
Phone:352-357-4563 | Fax:419-715-8697

cool, Rodolfo!  Can you tell us more about Red Tilapia, and maybe post some photos?

Phoenix Tropical Fish had a tank full of blue tilapia fingerlings for sale when I was in there today.  The store is in a residential area.  Their web site or Yelp listing has the street address.  If they are out of stock, there is a waiting list.  

roy said:

newbie here - so there is actually no place to buy Tilapia fingerlings?
Phoenix Tropical Fish in Phoenix, AZ stocks tilapia fingerlings.  Check their web site or Yelp for address and phone number.  They have a waiting list if someone buys all the tilapia before you get there.

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