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Thank you for reading my post.

Recently my fish got sick, white dots appeared on their whole body, fins... on everything. I believe that it is fungus that grows on aquarium fish. So, I added salt to my water, but not much. I also added this pink substance, which English name is should be "Manganese". About 20 fish died since I added it, and I think the number is growing. What do I do? Please help! Also, what should I do if my water PH is lower or higher than it's suppose to? I'm aiming for 6-7 PH.


Please comment as you wish.


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Sounds like Ich.  Protoza parasite.

I do not know what effect the manganese has on the fish or why/what reason you added it. I would first do at least a 1/3 partial water change and add non-chlorinated water ( let it sit for 24-36 hours in an open container to let the chlorine dissapate beforehand. Then go to the harware store and buy some Solar Evaporated Sea Salt- for soft water.

This is just a general rule of thumb- to get rid the ich parasites you should increase the salt level up to 3- 5 ppb (parts by billion), by adding approximately 1-lb.(pound) of salt for every 30 gallons in your fish tank. Dissolve the Sea Salt crystals in another container/bucket before adding it to the fish tank because the salt crystals can burn the fish if they bump into it. Make sure you increase the oxygen/air in the tank and try to raise the temperature of the water in the tank to 80 degrees for a couple of weeks.The Ich will be dead after 48-60 hours after introducing the sea salt & increasing the air/water temp.

You most likely brought the ich in with the store bought feeders.

As for the PH- If it is too LOW you can add PH UP solution to the water & visa-versa-just make sure to add very little solution which is 13% sulfuric and/or  phosphoric acid. and then wait 1-hour & then test the water with a PH tester Kit- if it is still too low add a little more PH UP solution ( be very careful not to splash it your eyes or skin) and repeat the testing again after an hour  (It is advisable to have another container to have a place to store the 24 hour water) You can PH adjust that water and then add/pump it into the fish tank. Also have a smaller container (not too small) for dipping your hands/rinsing after touching the fish tank water and to also use for things such as this and/or another tank for quarantine purposes for the fish. You should also have another one just in case you need to seperate the fish for medical treatment and or observation before introducing more fish into an established tank.  Good Luck! 

Dear Growzay


Thank you very much! I will do what you told me to do this instant and report back when ready!



Hi there Munkh-Ochir!

 I was given the same advice 2-weeks ago- My 1st AP System and I also went thru the same thing. Thankfully, I was given these tips by others here at APGC. My advice was a generalization - there is another parasite Costica, it is known as a secondary parasite &can be treated with Potassium Permanganate- perhaps that is why you used it - In general the salt bath will help to ensure a healthy fish tank and get rid of the parasites.

What are your Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate levels?

What type of filtration does your system have?

How many gallons fish tank?

What kind of fish?

I really don't know what are my Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate levels, cause I don't have the test kit.

I have clay balls as filtration system, and the water is pumped through water ways where I'm trying to grow vegies on a raft.

My fish tank is approximately around 100 tons, and it's half full right now, so 50 tons

And I have trout fingerlings in there. :D

There you go, by the way, I'm a noobie and only starting to do this since May 1st, 2011.

I think some one miss spoke, pH up will be some form of calcium carbonate or potassium bicarbonate or could even be sodium bicarbonate.  Those will bring pH up (always do pH adjustments very carefully as you don't want to change the pH quickly.)

To bring pH down you use the acids like phosphoric acid or sulfuric acid or muratic acid.  Again very carefully and very little at a time.  If your pH is between 6.8-8 I would say just leave it alone.


Do you know your fish tank volume in liters or gallons?


As for salting, to fight ICK or ICH you actually need a shift of 3 parts per thousand (not billion)  Here is a blog post about salt

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