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Hi I'm about to start a small Aquaponics system with blue tilapia in the state of Florida, and I wanted to know if I am required to have a fish permit/license to sell my fish at the farmers market?

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Stevie, while I can't answer your question I would like to suggest that you also ask in the Florida Aquaponics group -
Most likely, but "...the meat of the operation is the plant crop" (Sylvia Bernstein blogpost 10 things to consider before taking the plunge) commercial aquaponics. (this may not be an exact quote, but I'm to lazy to check) So if it's a "small" operation; don't expect to sell tilapia you don't have. That being said I say if you want to sell them there, do it. (insert rambled emotocon) Hope this helps.
I believe to legally farm fish commercially, you are supposed to have an aquaculture permit here in Florida.  If you are just keeping the fish for personal use and not selling/transporting them, you should not need a permit for Blue Tilapia in many parts of the state.

Now i just need to find someone that sells blue tilapia...

Contact Morningstar Fishermen or perhaps Green Acre Organics will be ready to supply fingerlings soon

This place is in Dunnellon.  Not real close to Tallahassee, but not that bad a drive either.  Probably about 2 hrs or so.  You'll have to call them, they've never completed their web store.


There's also someone advertising on craigslist in St. Augustine, but I think Dunnellon is closer.

These guys MIGHT be able to help you:  Decatur Fish Farm LLC 2992 Thomasville Road, Bainbridge, GA 39819-7926


You can always catch some out of the lakes or streams and then let them make babies for you.  I wouldn't pay to much for these fish as they are invasive and thriving here in Florida.

These guys MIGHT be able to help you:  Decatur Fish Farm LLC 2992 Thomasville Road, Bainbridge, GA 39819-7926



This guy is a good guy to talk to, but all he grows is catfish.  I wish he grew more cause it is 5 minutes down the road. 

I have a few blue males  I will send to you from jax via fed ext about $12 to ship NC for the fish

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