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re:  Comment by Richard Bunch yesterday: 

"I just spoke to Gregg Leonard at Freshwater Fish Company. He normally does not sell small lots of fish to private parties, but because of the amount of inquiries he has gotten, he is going to be open on Saturday, July 20th at 10 a.m. at 12955 Pear Road in Wilton. He said he will have Bass, Bluegill, Channel Catfish, Mosquito Fish, etc. He said he may do this once a month. I'll see everyone there at 10 a.m. on the 20th."

hot tip Richard, thanks for the 411!

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The below list is from the Department of Fish & Game 2013 Registered Aquaculturists.  This shows what fish varieties Freshwater Fish Company has.  If you are interested in any varieties besides what was in my intial post, please let me know and I will see if Gregg can include those also.

Product(s) produced


black crappie, bluegill, brown bullhead,

bullfrog, channel catfish, common carp,

fathead minnow, golden shiner minnow, goldfish,

goldfish x carp hybrid, green sunfish, koi carp,

largemouth bass, mosquito fish, red swamp crayfish,

redear sunfish, Sacramento blackfish, Sacramento perch,

signal crayfish, smallmouth bass, striped bass,

western mosquitofish, white crappie, white sturgeon

If I'm not mistaken, fish farmers tend to list everything under the sun they might raise, because if it's not listed on their registration, they can't raise them.  But their inventory at any given moment might not include all those species.  If anyone knows better, let us know!

Again, Richard, thanks for the tip about FWF selling to aquaponics folks.  I went ahead and copied that info to distribute at the State Fair exhibit too.

Freshwater is a pretty large operation.  If you look at the satelite pictures of his Wilton facility and also of his Elk Grove facility, you will see just how large an operation it is.  But, good point.  It probably is a good idea to list everything, just in case you want to raise them at a later date.



I am planning to go, I want to try something new. Paul do they need us to bring a container or do they provide it? Also do you know about prices or minimums?

Also, Wilton is pretty far does anyone want to carpool with me? I can fit 4 people.

Gregg Leonard quoted me a price of $2.00 per 6" - 8" channel catfish, which I see as a pretty good price for fish that size.  I don't know prices on the other fish.  He understands that the people that show up will be wanting relatively small numbers of fish (20 - 30).  I'm going to bring a couple 5-gallon buckets with lids just in case.

Janet Little said:

I am planning to go, I want to try something new. Paul do they need us to bring a container or do they provide it? Also do you know about prices or minimums?

Thanks for the info, I will try to make it there too that day.


See you all at Wilton



Wilton is on for tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing you all once again!  Gregg will have large plastic bags for your fish...he presureizes the bags with oxygen so all that is needed is a large cooler to put the bag in and $$$.


Picked up some Catfish and Bluegill this morning from Greg at Fresh Water Fish CO. Also my son talked me into some crawfish. I purchased more than I needed but don't know how long that opportunity will be available. Extremely happy to have that contact for the time being.

Blair nice talking to you there.

Did not make it to this even, had to work, Paul do you know when

they will have another sale?

I was very happy with the fish and fish food I got at Freshwater Fish Co.  I got 20 channel catfish, several of them in the range of 6" - 10".  I also got 4 bluegills.  I'm going to put two bluegills in a tank with the catfish and two in a tank with talapia to see how well they will do with the other fish.  So far, the bluegills with the catfish stay on the bottom of the tank, while the bluegills with the talapia stay near the top.


Anyways, very happy with the fish I got from Gregg at Freshwater Fish.


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