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what size is recommended for new fingerlings as a minimum ? Barramundi and Tilapia .....also what is an acceptable loss rate for new fingerlings once introduced into a system ? 

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Hi Chris.  "Fingerling" actually defines a size, which is approximately 1/2x to 1x the size of your little finger.  As long as the fish aren't so small that they are going to get sucked up through any screening that you have on the water outlets then these are fine, and if you are going to have fish shipped to you you actually want them that small because smaller fish ship more easily.  As far as an acceptable loss rate, it really depends on the fish, their size, whether your system is cycled before they are introduced, etc. but in my experience you should generally count on about 10% over the first few months.

Thanks Sylvia , i will monitor and post as they develop...

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