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We have a 40' X24' high geodesic dome which will accommodate an aquaponic system .  obviously we will have several pumps running, maybe 10 to fifteen plus a large exhaust fan or two. also some grow lights from time to time.  Can anybody tell me what size wiring I should use to run the 125 ft to the dome? .  Allowing for some overkill?

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find a good, local sparky... you'll probably need an electrical panel in the dome

you'll probably want a few outlets for power tools and other electrical equipment

Two swamp coolers 15 amps
Lights 30 amps
Pumps 7 amps
Other 7 amps

Draw 30 amps per phase x%125 for being continuous loads =40 amps
Go with #6 copper if in pipe or #4 if direct burry. Feed from 50 amp breaker. Buy large panel with extra space. I would run 1-1/2" underground pipe. Run extra 3/4" pipe for data. Run pipe for water and gas

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