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I'm about to purchase around 200 4X6 raft beds but the only dealer I know is Beaver plastics in California. I'm surprised I couldn't find a direct post on this since most people do DWC and either make their own or buy them setup. Anyone have any resources to a plastic company that would make them on the east coast? I'm in Virginia. I know shipping is really high so I'd like to pick them up.


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What up, Paul? How did your project go? Hopefully excellent, and you will post some pics. BTW, Beaver is in Canada, and my company CleverPonics is in Cali. I may send my mold out to Virginia so you can save the shipping and have them made locally. 

I ended up going with Beaver (I didn't feel like I had a choice). I remembered yours but couldn't find anything on the web so I figured you weren't selling them yet. There is some major demand on the east coast. I spent around $650 JUST on the semi truck to hull all the way from Canada. I wouldn't even know who to contact with a mold so maybe you can point to a plastics company that would know what to do. I know all the universities here have to buy from Beaver too. Just something to think about if you can team up with a company on the east coast and sell them much cheaper/less shipping cost. You can see some images of my setup here

Great site! Looks like things are going good. 

Yeah, there is very little money in foam rafts with Beaver around. I can buy there molds shipped to my door for $7 each, and it costs me $6 to blow them from my own mold, which cost me $20K. But mine are thicker and made in the USA. If you need more, let me know. 

Jon a lot of the frustrations you were having and comments you made are coming up with me. I'm just trying to stay small and sell within a limited base of customers. Once I'm happy and I can pay all the bills and quit delivering pizzas at night I'll know things are going good. I've had positive feedback on brightagrotechs live sales model and I plan to make that my wholesale business for herbs on a small scale. However, I feel hands down the basic DWC system of growing is much easier to construct/grow and even harvest. I still have enough rafts left because I stocked up. I figure once I'm finished with my mini 6000sqft and I'm selling it all then I'll be ready to expand from there granted I'm making money and I can hire long-term workers to make everything much less stressful. Did you see the blog post I just updated? It shows some DWC (using more hydroponics solution as of now maybe you can help stear me better into aquaponics).

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