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Does Dura Skrim and lava rock sound like a good combination?

Does anyone know how the DuraSkrim LPDE 20 mil would hold up in a grow bed with black lava rock as the grow medium?

Has anyone been successful with duraskrim in a media bed with any medium?

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Hi Jason, I can't give you a definitive answer on this, but I have given it some thought. I would be worried the the media would puncture the liner over time. Absent advice from someone with first hand experience I would probably use foam sheathing between the liner and the media.|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_avg_rating|1&facetInfo=

Thanks for the quick response Randy. I have seen it done on YouTube with other media but I would wonder how sharp that media is. I think your advise would work but I want to buy the DuraSkrim for the specific reason that it is food grade organic (I'm not trying to get certified or anything but like that fact). I would worry about the foam sheathing being sub-food grade.

You can use course buffer pads between the liner and lava rock. The pads are great because they have thousands of pores for good bacteria to thrive in, which is great for the bio filter portion of the grow beds. If you get good quality commercial buffer pads they will last for years.

Great idea Wendell. So Randy was on to something after all . I'll look into that and some other materials such as food grade shelf liners. I'll post if I am able to find something that is practical.

I wanted to make a couple (2 to start and growing later) grow beds that are 10 feet by 2.5 feet and 1 foot high. (I may double the width of 2.5 to 5 feet depending on if I can get access on both sides). For the bottom of the growbed I would just use a inch or two of sand or smooth stone but I would need to cover the inner walls which would mean I need 1 foot by 10 feet x2 and 1 foot by 2.5 feet x2 per growbed. That's 25 square feet per bed so the material would have to be fairly economical.

I have a feeling there is a very simple solution to this......

I might be leaning back toward IBC totes as grow beds if there is no easy solution. hahaaaha

Found the solution! Thanks for the Ideas you guys!

This has also given me an idea of a sprouts growing bed but I made a new thread for that discussion: LINK

I have decided that burlap is the way to go and I could even coat the bottom of the tank too. Not only do I think this will be a great solution to the DuraSkrim puncturing problem with lava rock but it would also increase the lifespan of any type of other material used. I really want to use the DuraSkrim though. Haha. Anybody see any problems with this idea?

Here is the source I found: LINK

* Virgin, 100% natural jute fiber.
* Untreated

Jason, I am also going to be using duraskim liner in a media bed.  How's the burlap working for you?

haha, just looked at your pictures.  looks like you went with the IBC's instead...

Haha yeah Troy I did go with IBC's instead. I think the burlap is a great idea but I was not 100% sure on whether it would be treated with any chemicals or some shady stuff like that even though it would most likely be fine. After calculating costs and everything I decided IBC's were the way to go because of how cheap it is. Good luck with your design!

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