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'm doing some research into digital DO meters and have found 2 that both seem reasonable.  However, I've never used one before so I'm wondering if anyone has insight as to the appropriate tool for the job.  We are planning to run a 2,000 gallon system.
One is the YSI Professional Series Instrument - it's a bit cost prohibitive through Pentair, at around $985.
The other is the Hanna Instrument HI 9147 for $347, direct from the manufacturer.
Price disparity is rather broad, so I'm wondering what the most important components should be when making the selection.
Thank you!

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Careful - a lot of YSI meters don't come with the sensor.. it's a separate item.

Thanks, Scott.  I did notice that in the catalog, as well.

Scott Roberts said:

Careful - a lot of YSI meters don't come with the sensor.. it's a separate item.

Which YSI model were you looking at? 

The Pro20 DO Meter - but, Pentair has a couple of other brands that are a lot less $$ - I suspect the YSI line is more instrument than we need.

I use and would recommend a "Pinpoint II Dissolved Oxygen" meter/monitor.  Here's a link:

This can be used to continuously monitor for a day or two or for lab or field testing.

As with all electronics test equipment, make certain when buying that you are getting all the components you think you are when ordering. They are often sold as individual, meters, probes, improved probes, cables, power supplies, and calibration liquids/chemicals. My PinPoint ii came complete needing no calibration disposables. 

Thanks, Glenn.  What size system are you running?  

YSI can be kinda pricy. Be glad you didn't price out Hach DO meters/probes.

I have been looking too in the last couple of days. Check this out    It is a multi testing unit and was on Amazon for $476 but I also saw it somewhere else for under $400. Test do, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, Chlorine, and other things too.

Thanks, Jeff!  I also found it here for $384

If you decide to get it let me know how it works compared to the API tests.

Glen - how often do you need to change the membrane on your pinpoint meter?

Kristine, I use the 5ft. cable and try to sample with the probe tip close to mid stream and at mid depth.

Over all our system has about 1600 gallons with about 1200 in constant AP circulation and the rest is in sub systems like Quarantine, Top off/collection/purification/mineralization/conditioning, and I raise some feeder fish, aquatic plants, insects, algae, and duckweed, in what I call an active bog system, all separated from the main system by a wicking bed arraignment.
Kristine Allouchery said:

Thanks, Glenn.  What size system are you running?  

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