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From what I understand BSF larvae seem to have to high of fat content and not enough protein.


Just curious if anyone has researched any other type of insects that can be easily grown using food scraps and waste but that have a higher protein content and less fat.


I know locust and crickets are high in protein



found in village markets of the developing world, insects are very high in crude protein, many species ranging above 60%. As to protein quality, Finke, DeFoliart and Benevenga (1989) reported that the house cricket [Acheta domesticus (L.)], when fed to weanling rats, was superior to soy protein as a source of amino acids at all levels of intake.



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Mosquitos. Available everywhere free!  I periodically siphon of the scunge from the bottom of breeding tanks into 5 gal pails. This makes perfect nutrient for breeding Mosquitos and red worms. Place buckets outside, and let nature do the rest. To harvest, dump bucket through a common fish net into an empty bucket. Large larva will be trapped in net, small will pass through to get bigger. Dump net into fingerlings tank, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show.
Oh yeah, don't knock BSFL. They are the single best converter of waste organics into high quality fish food that I know of, hands down. Self harvesting, and excellent accross the board for nutrition, just not suitable for tilapia. Chickens, on the other hand...

BSF larva or worms are a fine occasional supplement fish feed but they are both too high in fat to be the only feed for catfish or tilapia unless you are going to render them and remove some of the fat and add some other vitamins to the mix when you make your own fish feed.



that is why I am trying to figure out an insect with some of the conversion ability of BSF but with the protein content we are looking for.


But it needs to be easy to grow and harvest in decent amounts.


Also like BSF the insect would need to have the ability to turn uneatable plant material and turn it into usable protein. This would make the sun the ultimate source of the feed


Depends on what fish you have, but pill bugs, cutworm (may/june beatle grubs)High fat, all very easy to raise. I occassionally squash a few from the compost pile  and throw them to the fish. 

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