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This is my first post on this community and am excited to be apart of it.As the title says I am looking a a 3D design program to help design up the system I have the idea to build.I've used Autocad, but I am looking for something that's not expensive but still allow's for a wide range of design features.Also it's user friendly that's even better.Thank you.


John M

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Welcom to the site. Glad to have you here, I am sure one of the members have and idea to help you.  You might also look though the archives becvause I think ther has been som discuson on cad programs before.

Thanks for the reply, I may just get out the drafting board.I would still be interested in a Design Software,

What about Google SketchUp?

I have been looking at some Design Programs and have only seen a few one being Autocad of cource however it is expensive and one called Punch which allows for 2D/3D design of mechanical systems.Does something like Google Sketchup allow for a fairly extensive mechanical design capabilities for a aquaponic system being designed from the ground up?If someone knows of a good program I would be interested in hearing about it.


John M

Wait...aquaponics requires extensive mechanical design? There goes my future...

No it does'nt I just want to be able to design something and see how it comes together.You do not need to have extensive mechanical design, pen and paper and a great idea will work too.I will proably end up drafting my idea.

I know, I was just being sarcastic :) Hope you find something that works!

Google SketchUp CAN do what you want. I am no pro at it but I put this one together; Aquaponic Greenhouse

Mostly to help me conceptualize it better and get the spacing/floor plan right.

I've been reading up a little more on the program as I want to do the same thing, with the new design (about to start building when the weather clears up).

Hope to see what you put together.

This is a drawing of a compost tea brewer that I drew this morning.  I'm not great at SketchUp so it took a couple hours, but it's fun and you can get really good at it after awhile.

Here's some more stuff I drew awhile back.  You can also add dimension lines and fly around and through your drawing.

You can see more of my drawings at

......  how.......

google sketchup

chris taylor Swamp Creek Farms said:

......  how.......

i dont know if this is how to post it,  but i figured one out

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