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Hello Guys,

Am happy to be here. I have sweated to find an apprentice group from which i could learn more more fishing.

I have recently been tasked to sale an operational fish farm, but for some reason have fallen in love with the idea of owning it through proxy share holdings.

I have a few questions.

They are 30 fish ponds whose capacity each is 3,000 square meters or 250ft by 150ft. I would like to understand the stocking capacity of each of these ponds.

There is also a suggestion for me to do combination aquaculture of Tilapia and Cat fish. Please do advise me according.


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Hello Guys, 

is anyone able to help me with the query above?

Hi Godfrey,

What you are asking is more of an aquaculture question than an aquaponics question.  The stocking capacities for these large ponds will be determined by your filtration systems, or more likely in this scenario, your hydraulic retention time in the ponds if you do not have a recirculating system. The speed that the water flows through the ponds and flushes out waste will determine the fish loading the ponds can support.  Additionally, your aeration equipment, water temperature, and feeding rates will all contribute to this.  

People do raise Tilapia and Catfish together, but usually in smaller tanks with lower stocking densities.  At higher densities, the sharp spines on the tilapia can puncture the catfish.  For larger aquaculture operations, I would suggest keeping them separate.

Thank you very much Rob,

this has been very helpful

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