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The results of this discussion will form the definition of NFT Aquaponic Gardening on our Community Glossary of Terms.

So, how would you define NFT aquaponics in 50 words or less?  What are it's pros and cons?

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NFT stands for Nutrient Film Technique.

This is where the plants are suspended over a trough with a thin film of nutrient rich water flows along the bottom of the trough.

It is very important to filter the water well before sending it to an NFT Trough since fish wastes in the trough and on the plant roots will negatively impact the system.  NFT aquaponics requires separate solids and bio-filtration and while the reduced amount of water needed to fill the system may seem like a benefit to some, it can mean greater temperature and water quality fluctuations in a short period of time.

This one is very well put together. Informative, direct and easily understood.


As I read all these definitions I am taking on the mind set that I have never even heard about aquaponics or growing anything with AP.

Nutrient Film Technique.

A method of growing plants in which a thin and even film of aerated nutrient solution flows down a channel into which the roots of the crop are suspended.  

From Hydroponic Food Production "...Nutrient Film Technique [NFT] is a water-culture technique [plants grown in water] in which plants are grown with... root systems contained in a plastic film (trough), through which nutrient solution [fish waste] is continuously circulated." This method works best when the water is pre-filtered. I tweaked it a bit; I think it's a good starting point.

Thanks, All!  I've added this to the Glossary page now

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