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The results of this discussion will form the definition of CHIFT PIST Aquaponic Gardening on our Community Glossary of Terms.

So, how would you define CHIFT PIST based aquaponics in 50 words or less?  How does it differ from CHOP?

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CHIFT PIST... was coined to represent "Constant Height In Fish Tank Pump In Sump Tank"....

"Chift Pist" was later rebadged by Murray and/or others (some dispute).. as "CHOP"... Constant Height One Pump"

Either represents maintaining a constant volume/height in the fish tank... by pumping from the sump tank with a single pump... back to the fish tank... which overflows to the grow beds via an SLO (Solids Lifting Overflow)...

I still remember the thread on Gary's or Murray's (don't remember which though) forum where CHIFT PIST was rebadged CHOP because CHIFT PIST was termed "vulgar", I suppose because it is close to "pissed" and we can't converse as adults. Re-Coining a term that already existed is one way of claiming ownership of a concept I guess.

CHIFT PIST stands for Constant Height In Fish Tank Pump In Sump Tank, it differs from CHOP (constant height one pump) by five letters or five words.  Otherwise they are basically the same idea.

Both systems would have a sump tank at the lowest point and a fish tank at a higher point.  The pump lifts water from the sump tank to the fish tank and water flows from the fish tank to the grow beds which drain back to the sump tank.

With CHIFT PIST there has not normally been a distinction between the variation where the fish tank drains back to the sump directly and the pump pumps to the grow beds and they might drain to the sump or the fish tank.  With CHOP it was normally assumed that the fish tank got the water from the pump and drained to grow beds which drained to the sump since the CHOP 2 model is the one with the variations.

This needs diagrams.

The original Chift Pist... (which became Chop).. always assumed grow beds drained to the sump... and were pumped to the fish tank.. which overflowed to the grow beds...


The variation of Chift Pist... where both the fish tank and grow beds drained to the sump... and the sump pumped to both the growbeds and fish tank... became known as Chop II...


Thanks, guys. I agree with all this. There is good stuff here that I'll use for the definition...and combine CHIFT PIST and CHOP....

Thanks everyone.  I've added this to the glossary now

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