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I've been working for the past month to design a bunch of CHOP2 systems that use cheap and readily available materials, but that also look really nice. I'm going to be releasing these designs into the public domain a few at a time and plan to begin building some of them very soon.

All of my designs are built from wood palettes with minimal sawing and cutting. They are all designed for flat paved ground where you can't bury a sump or pipes into the ground. Each module is insulated from the heat/cold of the ground with 1" or 2" foam board.

The first two are what I call the "Driveway Garden" and are meant to fit into narrow spaces like driveways or small greenhouses. Both cost approximately $2500 in materials. I prefer liner from, water pumps from Quiet One and "Low-cost outdoor air pumps" from Aquatic Eco.

I'd be happy to answer any questions and welcome feedback on my designs. =)


Aquaponic Driveway Garden - Media

Aquaponic Driveway Garden - Hybrid

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