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Hi folks, like many people I'm having a challenge finding a media for the grow beds that meets my budget. Was wondering if anyone has tried crushed clay brick?


I picked some up and it passes the fizz test and the sizing seems perfect. It's a little lighter than gravel and is cheaper than the river rock I used on my first system.

I looked but was not able to find any previous threads on this subject.

Thanks for any help / suggests.  



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Can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work so long as there is no mortar. 

Maybe the sharp edges would be hard to work with and broadcasting seeds would be less effective.  Green Evolutions is a big AP operation in Thailand that uses broken up bricks.

thanks for the input guys, I've gone ahead and bought eight bags of the stuff, the first three bags have been washed and are in the new system we'll see how things go :)

All I can say is that is has been done successfully before. Good luck!

thanks Eric, so far so good, seems like the fish are doing well, adn the PH is stable - keeping my fingers crossed




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