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As aquaponics grows ever-more commercialized, with the additions of kits, how will we keep ourselves from "stealing-peoples-ideas" (the quotation marks refer to the fact that nobody owns aquaponics) .  I'm thinking of selling shelf-ponics, after I do a million other things, but the "inventors" are the people at How would I give them credit, or if someone wanted to sell strawberry towers. Should someone simply mention how to build one on their website, and/or simply mention who thought-up the idea? I hope this gets resolved before suing happens, if it's an issue of course. (this emotocon is for fun

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Nelson & Pade are pioneers and to my opinion absolutely above suspicion

I am very interested in the contents of their patent, but as far as I can see it has not been published yet

look at the shady websites thread for somebody who is attempting to patent all in aquaponics:


Agreed regarding Nelson and Pade's contributions to the industry. I was merely pointing out that it was interesting that they are going to patent their newest system, whereas they have never previously sought a patent for their others. There must be something quite unique about this one. It is supposed to double vegetable production yields over previous UVI type systens and minimize waste removal but the literature doesn't go into much more detail. I didn't know Nate was pursuing a patent either.
Thanks- Frank! You have enlightened me in so many ways on this subject!! I like the last paragraph- especially lines 4-7!!

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