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Hello again.

I have one of those portable roll around types of air conditioners that we use for extra cooling in the house. I have the condensation draining into a 5 gallon water jug.  Just for kicks I tested the ph of the water and it registered 6.8. My FT is running at 7.4.  Can you guys foresee any problem with using this water as top off water. If I can use this it would be great. On really hot days it can come up to about 3 or 4 gallons. My system is about a 300 gallon system, including GB, FT, swirl filter and collection tank. And, if it would be okay to use, where should I put the water in, at the collection tank?

My system is laid out as follows: GB (gravel filled) > FT > Swirl > Collection Tank > GB

As always, your wisdom is a valuable part of my learning curve.  Thanks

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The condensing fins in your AC unit are likely made of some reactive metal. The condensation has likely been in contact with it for a very short time however a prolonged usage of this water even with small trace amounts of these metals can build up in your AP system over time. I would use that for potted plants or something else. It MAY be safe for the AP system but is it worth the risk of killing your fish?

Having seen this topic before I will repeat what I read: Legionella is a type of bacteria that can live in air conditioning and it can cause Legionaries Disease. Although, you could run your water through a UV filter to kill it, but why risk it.

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