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I am looking to construct 12 - 60 foot growbeds...2 feet wide and 14 inches deep.  My intial concept was to use 24' water pipe cut in half (schedule 40), until I found out the cost....about $40 a linear foot.  Second idea was to use black culvert pipe, again cost is an issue.  I've tried contacting a firm in New Orleans that produces shallow fish raceways that could be adapted as growbeds, but to no avail.  I am concerned about doing a plywood/pond liner construction due to durability issues over the next few years.  Am looking for suggestions and appreciate the advice.  Thanks, Mary

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I'm new to all of this, but I have three IBC tanks, and three blue poly 55 gallon barrels already.  There is a source of used HD commercial grade stainless steel tables, and racks near me.  I've seen some stored outside, and they look suitable for use as an Aquaphonic tables, and stands.  If the price is right, I could cut a cradle frame of wood to put the PCV tanks in them to make the grow beds.  Has anyone tried this approach?  I already have a 10x20 foot cement slab, that was once a dog kennel, and build a greenhouse to house the new system.

Friendly Aquapoics has information about building with plywood and they seem to think that it is something that will last a long time.  If you are not handy doing things like this, you might want to pay someone to do it for you.

Hi Folks. I know there is a lot of discussions on different materials for your floating raft beds. Here is an excellent Polyethylene 20ml. thick liner I have used in the past for some pond applications. It's made of the same materials as Duraskrim but It is Black and has the UV inhibitors too. They sell it in many different roll sizes perfect for floating rafts race ways. It's easy to fold into corners and light weight to work with. You need a business licences and set up an account to buy wholesale from them.


Permalon is manufactured as the industries most advanced group of geosynthetic cross laminates and composites. Permalon offers outstanding chemical resistance, weathering characteristics and the highest weight to strength ratio available.

Ideal for pits, quick tank liners, ponds and lagoons, Permalon® materials are factory fabricated up to an acre or more in size. Custom fabrication capabilities also include three dimensional shapes for box and container liners, raceway liners and waterproofing/rehabilitating all manner of structural containers.


  • High density, cross-laminated polyethylene resists punctures and tears
  • UV stabilized to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Permalon is not prone to environmental stree-cracking (ESC)so it can endure repeated thermal expansion and contraction cycles
  • Meets ASTM standard D-3083 Soil Burial test performance requirements

I'm designing my raft system out of concrete for a number of reasons. No rot. no liner to worry about and tons of thermal mass to keep water temps. more stable. It has a Concrete slab with walls that are  2 cinderblocks (16") high. Plastered with mortar to round out the floor to wall transition for easier cleaning and sealed with Thoroseal FX100 (suitable for low pH and potable water situations). More work up front, but no maintenance.


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