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Hello does anybody has experineces with coconut husk as medium in aquaponics ?

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Hi Juraj,

Yes, many people use it here. What exactly do you want to know about it? How do you intend to use it?

I was just wondering if people use coconut husk in aquaponics (if it works in aquaponics) ... We plan to use coconut husk in our verti grow hydroponics- aquaponics system ,,, but I did not hear anybody talking about coconut husk as a medium in aquaponics ....

Hi Juraj,

Its more widely used in net pots in DWC systems, Raft Aquaponics. See this group here

I'm using it as a filter in my water system and for "cover" for my bluegill in my stock tank.  I haven't had any problems with it yet.

Because we try to put coconut husk as a medium for our vertigrow system ... and I am concerned that it is not the best medium for aquaponics. I feel that it soak to much water and that there is not to much drainage. I feel thatthe purpose of the aquaponics medium is to let water flow through growing beds and not to stay saturated there like in coco nut husk. Am I right ?
Thank you very much

We tried coconut husk in our system. Personally, i would not recommend it, the coconut husk started to fall apart by time and clogged the pump. Because its organic material you might deal with decomposition due to anaerbic conditions.....well, for that i cant tell you exact informations because we removed the husks after it started to fall apart.

So what did you choosed as your next medium ?

One growbed hydroton and the other growbed with gravel.

Hi Juraj,

We have a member here(Nate Storey) who is a specialist with vertical growing systems, he uses a spaghetti material media. You can find him here

Coir breaks down quickly and is mostly used in net pots where it can be removed and replaced easily.

Juraj Šagát said:

So what did you choosed as your next medium ?

Thank you very much 

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