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I've just started my first aquaponics system, feels great! I have a fish tank underneath a media bed filled with clay pebbles and I'm pumping up water from the bottom of the media bed. This causes the pebbles to move a lot as the water is filling the container. My question is; Is this harmfull for the roots or the Worms in the media bed? Is it better to fill the media bed from the top and let the water drain to the tank out the bottom instead?


Thanks. looking forward to many interesting discussions.


/ Niklas

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What kind of drain do you have? Is it a bell siphon?

Hi Mark. Im draining the same way I pump. No siphon.

Do you have a timer? 

Well yeah otherwise it would overflow. It's flowing for 6min right now.
Mark Hall said:

Do you have a timer? 

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