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How about chlorine, how dangerous is it for fish and what's the best way to get rid of it. 

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chlorine is toxic to fish, fortunately it will offgas with 24 hours of aeration and sunlight..

i've done 10% water change straight from the tap with no issue, but i wouldn't go much higher

chloramines can take weeks to dissapate

A garden hose water filter will remove chlorines and chloramines. They make these for RV campers and the will run you a per gallon cost of a fraction of a penny. Some will last for 50,000 gallons.

Any particular filter you would recomend, Jonathan?

I bought this one which has a

1 year guaranteed life. For $25 it seemed worth it to not have to aerate the chlorine out. It is not a recommendation, it is just the one I settled on.

Organic material... dissolved solids... will significantly reduce activated charcoals ability to adsorb chlorine...


The particle size of the activated charcoal is also directly related to the ability to remove chlorine...


Activated charcoal does not adsorb chloromine... but rather dissacociates the chloromine bond... into ammonia (NH3) and chloride (Cl- ions...


Activated charcoal will not adsorb or remove ammonia....

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