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I went to Glenn Martinez's farm yesterday and they are implementing a new system he calls China Walls because he first learned about them while in China.  Check out this video:

So Glenn said you don't need any type of filtration.  You can put up one of these A frames right over your fish tank.  Spray it for 1 minute every 15 minutes and you'll be golden.  What are your thoughts?

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Actually, in order to use misters you need really good filtration to remove all solids otherwise the emitters will clog. Great system design though!

Glenn actually designed an air lift pump sprayer that doesn't clog.  It doesn't mist as much as this guy's does but I guess it does the trick.  I have a pic of it...I'll try to go find it.  

I'm just wondering how they get the biological stuff working?  I guess the bacteria grows on the boards?  

Here's the air lift sprayer connection.  It sprays kinda like a sprinkler does and it pumps like his normal burper air lift pumps do.  This spiral attachment goes on the top of the pipe that is coming out of the water.

Seems a bit sloppy to me....the spray that is. I'm going to guess that his version of the system won't work quite as well. Personally, I'd rather just setup some good solids-filtering barrels, followed by a finer mesh filter before using a normal pump and emitters to get a nice small-droplet spray that is essential for a high-performing aeroponic setup.

Bacteria will grow anywhere in the system where there is regular moisture, oxygen and no yes, on the bottom of the boards, in the catch basin at the bottom, on the roots, etc.

I really like the concept though, quadruple the grow space! 16 ft of rafts in a 4 ft wide trough!

Ya...I'm trying to get to Mari's Garden that are doing a giant wall like this

Where is "Mari's Garden"?

On Oahu in Hawaii
Let me know what you learn! :)

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