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Hello fellow AP-ers!

I'm Matej from Slovenia, I've been working on AP for the past 5 years and a year ago I've met a fellow AP enthusiast Peter from Hungary. We've decided to put up together an aquaponics camp-workshop. If you live near by you'r invited to join us. All the details on the program can be found on my friend's website

If you have any questions feel free to PM me!

Regards, Matej

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Sounds great, Matej.  I'm sure it will be an incredible event.  You are invited to also post the information as an Event in this site here -

Thanks Sylvia, i sure will!

Have a good day!

Cao Matej,

Good luck with the jamboree. It's sure nice to see an event like that happening in the region. Looks like a real decent program you guys have put together.


What a pity!!! It was on 15 june : (((  Hi Matej I'm Savino from Italy.

Hope u will organize more workshop in Europe so I can partecipate !


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