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0836 Eastern Time.  You're up and at em rather early.

Sylvia Bernstein said:

LOL - I'm actually on Mountain time, George, enjoying a peaceful, beautiful morning sunrise. It's my favorite time of day.

Thanks for taking the time to elaborate Sylvia. The video being taken down seems well within his rights and I don't think it's ethically objectionable. I understand Rupert's stance on it as well, and wish we lived in a world that appreciated candor more. But fact is that people are often offended far too easily, so I can understand why it was removed.
I agree with your blog post completely. But I feel people need to be responsible for their own stupidity as well. If you think you can feed your family off a small patch of land in your spare time, maybe you ought to try so that you get a better idea of what's involved in producing the food you eat. I find that is one of local farming's greatest assets, putting people back in touch with the people who grow their food. Too many people have absolutely no idea about how their food is produced.

I agree completely, Siggy, and, by extension, one of the greatest values of aquaponics is that it makes us conscious of how fish are raised.  My sincere hope is that one of the global impacts of the growing home aquaponics movement will be a rising demand for clean, locally grown fish raised on better feed...much like the impact that backyard chickens have had on our expectations of the egg and poultry industry.  When we see fish in the fish counter we should be questioning how it was raised, like we are starting to do with beef, chicken and pork.  

For some reason it wont let me view the video. 

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