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  Why would Dr. Lennard choose to present himself differently in different situations: 

Here's an example: 

  When I teach vermicomposting classes to groups I speak differently depending on the audience.  Different vocabulary and personal presentation is necessary.  Yes, I can speak in 'scientific-ese' with those who seem to need to hear a message that way or else they won't believe it. Personally, I have gotten over the need to impress anyone with the fact that I can throw around latin tems and collegiate vocabulary.  There are times when it is necessary.There are times when jeans and a t-shirt aren't the best foot forward. But I prefer the relaxed tone, demeanor and local vernacular when getting a message across. The same message, but presented in a way the audience can absorb it within their own comfort zone.  A huge rule of public presentation is "know your audience".  This does not make one a fake, it makes one an accomplished communicator.

  SO I do understand Dr. Lennard's stand point....

   Oh, and just so no one thinks I am a hypocrite regarding my earlier posts about the costs of AP seminars.  Yes, I do teach vermicomposting/vermiculure classes/ agencies, clubs, private citizens and schools to name some...But I have never (yet) charged for this, not because the information is not of value, but because our farm is dedicated to getting the benefits of vermicomposting out to the world around us as best we can. But the cost of fuel to travel is an issue at this time and things may have to change in that regard....

I followed this discussion because I was interested in what Dr. Lennard had to say, but I can't resist chiming in about the AP Workshop subject.


I'm in more of the live and let live camp. We may be the ones giving the previously mentioned "cheap" workshop in Beaverton, OR. I think it's worth noting that we have recently changed (reduced) the pricing schedule to make it more affordable for anyone interested in attending. Whereas it used to be $115 and included a micro-system manual it now is $75 and attendees can choose whether or not they wish to purchase a manual (we also offer Sylvia's excellent book at a reduced rate for attendees). There are now a great many learning opportunities for people to become involved in AP. They range from free to many thousands of dollars. Isn't that great? A person can choose how much they wish to spend and with whom they wish to learn about this powerful food growing method. This is a personal choice and my belief is that each person gets to make their own value judgment. They should walk away from whichever learning experience they've chosen asking whether or not it was worth their time and/or money. I know that our staff works extremely hard to insure that we are addressing that final question: "Was it a good value?" We ask that attendees fill out a final workshop evaluation so that we can know definitively whether or not we are delivering on this important point. I'm happy to report that thus far they've reported that our workshop is a great value. I also applaud Matthew Ferrell for devising a stable business model that allows him to give AP workshops for free. I'm so pleased that he will be able to bring his great knowledge to the good people of West Virginia and beyond. I'm certain that his workshops will also be a great value. In fact, I applaud all of the other bold individuals who put the hard work in to confidently stand before others and deliver valuable Aquaponics information at whatever they feel is a fair price.


Regarding learning: You can't necessarily build a house just because you have a hammer. And you certainly can't build a house just because you've heard about hammering. Our workshop is just another opportunity to hold a hammer in your hand and swing it a bit. I believe that no one truly knows without using their hands, putting in time, and thoughtfully observing success and failure. Our class is designed to give attendees the knowledge, tools, and confidence to build well thought out systems the first time. They will then go home with confidence and proceed to encounter many failures and successes. We are a support system for them (as are you in this and other worthy forums). We also make available materials and system components. In this way we are enablers. And finally, isn't that what is important? Not necessarily how people get to Aquaponics but that they get there eventually.


I gather from the responses that Dr. Lennard said that Aquaponics isn’t the Holy Grail or maybe requires more complexity than we had hoped for. I can tell you what I know for certain. Aquaponics in any form commercial, home, indoor, outdoor, whatever is far better than our current most dominant food producing methods. I have been professionally involved in almost every step required to bring food to plate. We, as individuals, need to choose to opt out of modern industrial food growing methods. Aquaponics is a powerful tool toward that goal. 




Jason Garvey

Portland Purple Water

Gabriele, probably best to start a new thread for this since it is an entirely different topic.  thanks

Gabriele Barocci said:


can anyone tell me why Aquaponics is more expensive then hydroponics? 

Sylvia Bernstein said:

Come on... seriously, Rupert?  You mean to tell me that you wouldn't word something differently if you were having beers with your mates vs if you knew you were being videotaped for all the world to see?


Oh come on Sylvia... it's not a case of having a beer with your mates... or being caught out with a hidden camera...


Wilson was aware the camera was there... he may not have known that it was Frank's wife (EcoFilms) that was video-taping.. and indeed if he had, may well have been more careful....


But your post would seem to suggest that he probably did know who was video-taping the segment,and he certainly knows of Murray... with whom he's previously appeared as a guest in Murray's workshops....


And indeed is the guest presenter in Murray's 4 day "commercial" workshop which concludes today...


And is certainly aware of Frank, EcoFilms... and Franks promotion of Murray's business... indeed Frank/Ecofilms has filmed/posted many segements featuring Wilson...


I realise that Wilson may well express "things differently" when being paid to appear at workshops/lectures... and that he might well not want to be too public about his "real" opinions... in order  to continue to procure such guest appearances....


But it doesn't alter the premise of my question at all... if those are Wilsons truely held views... and they're valid... then shouldn't they be expressed publically... and certainly within any "commercial" workshop....


Otherwise... doesn't it in fact actually suggest exactly what I said is in fact the case... that the AP public, at the very least... is being presented a "tailored" view of "commercial" prospects...




i started a new thread.

hoping to find an answer...

Sylvia Bernstein said:

Gabriele, probably best to start a new thread for this since it is an entirely different topic.  thanks

Gabriele Barocci said:


can anyone tell me why Aquaponics is more expensive then hydroponics? 

  By the way Jason, I wish you all the best in your  seminar!  This area has needed one.  And yes, Portland Purple Water's is the one I was referring to.  I am not bashing your pricing scale.  I am merely pointing out that it was beyond my means...and I know it is way beyond many other's means who would want to attend.  However I am sure you will fill your available spaces in your workshop up.  Your mission of getting the word of AP out will be accomplished. I am sure what you are presenting is a great value for the price. So no judgement there...This is how free enterprize works.  A person sells a product or service and it goes for what the market will bear.  Some will buy, and some won't, all for their very own reasons.  I would not change this system for anything.   I just wish there was an opportunity like the one Mr. Farrell is talking about available here too. 

 I need to get those money plant seeds to germinate in my AP system!

I wish you and the entire staff at Portland Purple Water the best in this!


- Converse

Jason Garvey said:

I followed this discussion because I was interested in what Dr. Lennard had to say, but I can't resist chiming in about the AP Workshop subject.


I'm in more of the live and let live camp. We may be the ones giving the previously mentioned "cheap" workshop in Beaverton, OR.

AP is part of an overall mix of disciplines that provide wonderful quality food for our families. Ap in a commercial sense is no different to any other small business.  You have to look it that way and do your marketing well.....just like any other small business.  AP product IS superior to Hydro and to Aquaculture product and needs to be sold that way to your local community.
Mega Hydro farms are going to fade away.  When the oil runs low and tomatoes cannot be trucked from Mexico to NY then AP and the local small crop farmer will enjoy a resurgence and take their place of importance in the local community once again.
Yes, there are lots of things we are yet to learn and we have learned, but hey.....what a wonderful thing AP (Aquaponics) is !!!  

Best and easiest good food I have ever grown and had the pleasure of eating.

Uncle Murray has efficiently shut down this comment section.  Murray, we are gaining many hydro operations here locally that sell only to local markets.  In fact one operation has put itself in the suburbs right outside of a major population center (DC metro) and personally delivers to the grocery store customers itself.  I believe this model will soon be taking over. 

I still hold out hope for aquaponics to take a foot hold, but we will need a major marketing campaign or time to find ourselves in the marketplace in any significant capacity.  I believe the backyard segment is going to be the biggest sector for growth this decade.  There are opportunities there for a business.

I think the comments are still open. Dr Lennard brought up some important points regarding commercial AP.

There are some great discusions going on at Murray's forum and at aquaponicshq

Check em out, lots of great information

I was joking.  I don't think anyone wanted to follow him. 

No way Rupert's done!

yall lost me??


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