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I have looked around today for a U.S. supplier for the Affinity Pond (see link) . Any ideas?  My wife would like one for the back patio. I know I could put a stock tank back there, but the viewing windows are kind of cool. I bet they are expensive, but they are cool.

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That is cool. The closest I've seen are window tanks from aquatic ecosystems. Maybe you could build a frame around it and enclose it???

Brian, Are you still into aquaponics?

you can go on to you tube and type in "how to make aquariums" and there are several videos that can help you build your own custom system. it will most likely be cheaper that buying one.

Jeff S

I took a break for a while when we relocated to Michigan, but I am actually getting ready to set up a Zip Grow system with a 100 gallon stock tank in my basement. I need to check out lighting options for the vertical application.

For my basement I think the vertical system will work well, if I can figure out the lighting.

A good idea for the basement. I almost wish I had done my whole system in my basement but now that I finally have my GH under control I can deal with it. You would probably need to set up some sort of moving track light to accommodate multiple towers as opposed to multiple lights. I've come to the conclusion that MH or HPS lights are the most economical way to go. This is the one I went with.

Bought 2 more this year. All you need is a moving light rail.

I just got back from the hydro store locally. She suggested using the standard T5 lights with some reflective material in the corner of a room. Similar to this:

They will work but those 8 bulbs still burn 432 watts and need replacing in about 6-8 months. I've read that fluorescents also only light in a straight line but with reflectors it might be OK. I just covered my IBC beds today with a mylar material that I saw on YouTube. Works great and also keeps the temps around the plants high enough that I don't have to run any heat in the GH. You can even see through it when your light is on.  They're thin but easy to handle without damaging them. You probably won't get enough heat from the fluorescents to utilize the warmth for the plants.  

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