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I was able to get some Billboard tarps in Tampa.  I could only fit 6 of them in the Trunk of my car.  They were free. I got them from ClearChannel.  They were only concerned with that I didn't sell them on Ebay and at Flea markets.  As has they have been discussed a number of times on this site I won't go into detail.  They will make great DWC and Fish tank liners.  VERY heavy and free. You couldn't ask for more. 
Go get them folks. RRR  Remember -   Reduce Recycle Reuse 

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What a great idea as we all know how much pond liner costs.  Have you verified that the billboard tarps are food safe and won't leech chemicals?



Any updates on how these worked out for you?? Also, is there a contact person at CC Tampa that we could call to make arrangements to pick up a couple of them? Thanks!

If you can't get any free ones you can buy them here. You can also get info on them here.

So could these billboard tarps be used as tank liners? I have a 300 gallon galvanized stock tank that would be great for fish.????

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