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I really appreciate all the extremely helpful advice shared on this forum. I'm new to aquaponics and currently building a modified 3 tote system and have a question about the bell siphon, specifically the outlet below the GB (see picture). I would like to get feedback on the possibility of this configuration working? The plans that I've seen have a much longer "y" length and a much shorter "x" length than my system. I don't see that I'll have a problem lengthening my y dimension if necessary but I'm afraid the x dimension will be a bit more difficult to shorten. Any feedback would be appreciated.



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Looks like you have a good slope to it. Might be OK. I'm a fan of using a vent pipe on my siphons. You could put a TEE on the bulkhead fitting and add another pipe for a vent

Hi Russ,

If you're getting inconsistent shutting off on the drain cycle you may have to extend the drain pipe from the elbow into the sump by a few inches.The suggestion is only for shutting off issues but at the same time I can't tell from the pic if you've already done so.

Thanks everyone!

@Harold - I'm the early stages assembly so I haven't even put any water in the system yet. Thought it might be good to get feedback before getting too far. You input is helpful though, it won't be too difficult extending the drain pipe down a few inches even after completing the system.

@ Todd - I'm not familiar with a vent pipe but I'll look into it. Thanks!


Unfortunately I'm forced to take a week off this project but will have some concentraited time to work on it next week. I will provide feedback once I get the system running.

Before you mess too much with breather tubes or changing pipe, you will have to test to see if it works.  If it works, no sense in changing things.

However, to get it all working you might need to displace some of the water in the empty beds.  Buckets filled with water can displace much and leave the stand pipes out of the beds you are not checking at the moment.  You will need to let water of the approximate right flow rate go to all the beds though since the inflow rate to the bed is important and you need to be sure the pump is going to give you the needed flow.


Here is a link to a thread with lots of siphon diagrams which might be useful.

i think longer y and shorter x works best especially if you are applying the Affnan siphon that uses a reducer instead of a straight pipe in the siphon at the growbed.

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