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Hello again everyone, I seem to have another issue... Root rot I believe. Again, I have an IBC system , flood and drain.. the lettuce that I am growing seems to have root rot or damping off.. So I dug deep into the media and I noticed that 100% of the water wasn't draining. My other mistake, so I read and realized, about a week or two ago I removed some of the media while making space for other seedlings... In doing so I decreased the 1-2" separation between water level and media... Oh did I mention that I'm a newbie lol...

So my question is, am I ok without having to build a bell siphon or should I just put the media back to create the correct seperation???

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I don't know if a bell siphon is your best bet or not. I myself use bell siphons. Whether all your water drains or not shouldn't cause the roots to rot. Roots do fine completely submerged as long as there's oxygen available and there should be in any flood and drain type system. if you think about it lettuce grows great in raft systems and are always submerged.

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