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Where do i get the heavy bed liners? I'm new and i'm trying to gather supplies to start my build. I also need a source for IBS's. I would really appreciate any help on this matter. Tks. Ron Becker

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I've not much experience with a using duraskrim as media bed liner. When I make my DWC troughs, I actually don't want the liner to fold into a square corner, but rather let it be too small to quite fit the corner. This parabola lets the force of water pressure actually help hold the sides in, rather than bow out. If you followed instructions for a DWC trough, then this is likely the problem. Can you post some pics or vids? I'm building some more troughs this week, and I'll video the process.

Right on. Bianca, if your'e lining a sturdy media bed, you've got no reason to do the whole 'parabola bottom corner' thing and shouldn't have to deal with anything pulling or ripping out. But, yeah like Jon says, some pics or a vid of what it is that's going on would help a good deal.

I have a feeling thats whats going to happen this weekend. Hopefully not too many wrinkles.

Did you re-line with a different liner or are you sticking with DuraSkrim?

Personally, I don't trust any flimsy liner with sharp or heavy media. I use duraskrim for DWC troughs, and it is the best for that, in my experience. For media, I use blue barrels, or fiberglass tanks. Or you can keep the duraskrim and go with a soft, light media, like biochar (of course finding char if you're not able to make it yourself, is an even larger task).

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