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Hello folks!
im new here and I would like to know if anyone has ever tried this calculator:

It seems to be very complex in its calculations and the author provided a 14 page guide for it too.
I noticed it differs from some of the 'rule of thumb' we see around... :think: 

I think I will try it, I have a 1,44m² grow media area, at@ 300mm.
I will use a 500L tank (will fill only 370L).
According to this calculator I should have 5,3KG of fish and feed them @1,5% of their total weight once they grown and more when they are small.
According to the calculator and I should flood and drain at least 84L per hour.
not even sure if this is correct, it will be my first system...

So did it work for your system?
Any thoughts?

Thank you!

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HI Kei.  Dr. Wilson Lennard had a hand in both the calculator (he developed it) and the Rules of Thumb (he worked with me on them).  As you may have noticed, the calculator is much more specific, and I believe it was originally intended mostly for DWC systems.  The Rules of Thumb are intended to be guildelines that are much more high level for more of a casual gardener.  

Hope that helps!

Its does Sylvia! Such an honor to have your reply!

I just got your book and I will read it like a bible and then compare with the results I got in the calculator.

Thank you for taking the time! 

Have a nice day!

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