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I'm starting this forum topic for anyone who is interested in talking about the new Aquaponics Association.  While nothing will be set in stone when we officially adopt the Charter at the Conference on Sept 16, we'd like to get it as close to representative of what the aquaponics community is hoping for by that time.

If you go to the page that we've set up on the Association site (click here) you can download the Charter and Organizational structure, and answer some questions about your constructive feedback and how can we give you value for your membership dues.  Please take the survey!

Feel free to ask any questions about what we are doing here - the Organizing Committee (myself, Gina Cavaliero, Murray Hallam and Wayne Hall) is an open book, and everyone is a member in this community site.  We are 100% committed to creating an organization that will serve aquaponics well...although we obviously won't be able to do everything right out of the gate, nor will we be able to make everyone happy.  

I'd like to start the discussion rolling by asking a question  that I asked on Murray's forum this morning - how can we bring value to both Individual Members and Commercial members for their dues?  We've listed several things we could do on the survey linked above.  What are we missing?  What sounds great?

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TCL, I'm not that concerned as to the "structure"... or with regard to anything in the revised charter...


I was just a little curious as to the the proposed "Australian Chapter"... I'm sure that branchs will evolve over time... if the interest is there...

Some years ago I was a member of a wonderful non-profit organization.  I respected the leadership for their enthusiasm and committed desire to make a positive impact on the people in the community of which it served, no matter what their background, race, religion, socioeconomic status, etc.  I, and many others volunteered hundreds of hours each year to the organization, as we all had the desire to make a difference in peoples lives, doing everything from mowing lawns for seniors who were no longer physically capable, food drives to restock food pantries that serve the community, driving people to doctor appointments, I could go on and on. 

After a few years, the board chairman and vice chairman asked me to quit my job and come to work for them as a programs coordinator.  I didn’t bat an eye.   Well, long story short I remained with them, loving every minute, until I married and moved away.

During my time with them I attended almost every monthly board meeting they held.  The board (elected by membership), was comprised of individuals from very diverse backgrounds, all committed to a common cause.  They were all men.

I was always granted the ability to voice my opinions and concerns on any subject and question decisions the governing body made.  At times they probably saw me as a thorn in their side, but I can honestly say my words did not fall on deaf ears, as they knew I was as committed to the mission of the organization as they were.   

I believe the Aquaponics Association has an important role to play, in education, in food security, in making improvements to the current laws and regulations that prohibit individuals from becoming self-sustaining, and so much more. 

I am excited.  I have a voice and I plan on using it!  I urge everyone else to do so as well. 

Knowledge is power, pass it on!

This will not affect none members will it the state is already looking at the maps posted for Tilapia growers you know there revenues have droped. Im wondering if the association is going to try to get states to inforce rules if they dont like what growers are doing or complying with there Ideas go Ideas go bad all the time.

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