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I had some neighbors/friends over for a BBQ the other day and they heard the tinkling of my AP setup. They said hey that's cool you have a pond. I said no, it's my AP garden. So I showed them the concept and they seemed intrigued and asked more questions. Since I'm not a pro of any kind I pointed them to this site.

We all started a discussion about this. We came up with the idea of an AP Food Web. Every family would Have a small AP system like mine. Everyone would grow different crops so that we can all share. One family would have catfish, another tilapia, another crayfish etc etc. so in essence it would be like a co-op.

Have any of you explored this idea?

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Well I've been selling Lufa I grew here in my back yard.

And Hopefully I'll take my first towers to market this weekend.

We have been working on something similar.  We have been talking about a year round CSA and farmers market, that would coordinate crops to cater to what the local customers would prefer. It is not off the ground yet.

Hello Chi Ma,

I would recommend reading chapter 14 of Bill Mollison's, "Permaculture: A Designers' Handbook". It is full of information on City Farms, Farm Clubs, etc. with plenty of diagrams of cost structures and such.

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