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in my soil garden, one of my favorite crops is asparagus.... anyone try it in aquaponics? if u have details id appreciate learning how you have suceeded....

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I just planted asparagus in my A/P system a couple months ago. It came up fine, but hard to tell how it will work for sure since my A/P system is still young, and asparagus is likely to take at least a year. My bed is a flooded media bed, but I'm still intending on eventually hooking up a siphon to the bed so it will be a flood and drain bed.

Hello M,

I planted two very young asparagus root balls in my AP system last  year. It's been a rocky road for the asparagus since I've moved things around in my GB so often. When I planted them they both took off and did very well, sending up new sprouts regularly. Unfortunately one of the plants eventually died, due to neglect but the other one is still putting out sprouts and is healthy. Asparagus probably isn't the best plant for me to grow since I want things to produce quickly and the asparagus seems to take a while to mature.

asparagus is a forever plant.  It would remain in your system always and take up room.  It takes asparagus about 2 years to mature to be able to start to harvest.  You could dedicate a bed to it alone.  i am doing this with edible ginger and may try asparagus later.

I recently put 2 asparagus bulbs in my AP media bed and 6 more in pots. The AP pair took off and are about 18" in 2 weeks. 4 of the potted plants sprouted at a much slower rate, maybe 4-6" and 2 haven't shown yet.  Does anyone know if the time frame for asparagus maturity in aquaponics is still as long as dirt planting or will I be able to harvest sooner? Also will the plants go dormant in AP?

 I have some asparagus I was going to plant that I grew from seed but not sure that I want to dedicate a bed to it at this point. Maybe in the future. Sometime when I do pots or containers I will put some in there. My system is news still and we just got our fish this week so I am still getting used to it all.

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