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I know most likely that many people have posted this question before, but as I read various strings on the different sites, I get mixed answers, so here goes. Are there any varieties of Tilapia that are not on the restricted list that can be raised privately (non-commercially, no sales, ect) in Madera County? I was not convinced with the answer I got from the DFG, so if anyone has anything to add, I would appreciate it greatly. I have a 900 gal "pond" that I would like to use in an aquaponic system, but I would like to use fish that can be utilized as a food source. This will be located inside a greenhouse to protect from freezing.

Thank you! Susan

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In Florida Blue Tilapia are not restricted

Well, too bad she doesn't live in Florida then...

Frank Scanlan said:

In Florida Blue Tilapia are not restricted

 I wish I lived in Florida. Well, I guess somewhere with less restrictive laws and property taxes would do :)

Frank Scanlan said:

In Florida Blue Tilapia are not restricted

If you live in Madera County California, I think the information you seek may be found in this document from CA Fish and Game.

From reading that document, I would take it that I can raise just about anything since 1) I would not be doing anything commercially and therefore would not need a license and 2) if I raise 'tropical' fish not for food or bait, then any type of Tilapia that is sold in a pet store would also be OK. At least that is the way I interpret it. But that raises a question. Say, hypothetically, that I raise guppies and I decide to eat one. Would that be illegal? Of course I am messing with you, but according to the DFG, you may only raise tropical fish "not used for food or bait" so if you were to eat one, would you then be breaking the law? What this country needs is a few more laws telling the American people what they can and can't do with their own private property, eh?

Thank you for the link,


Please follow up on my research. I believe California also limits you to Oreochromis mossambicus and O. urolepis hornorum. If not, I would like to know because that would be a change.

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